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Australian Bodycare

Facial Cleansing Gel

A water activated low foaming face wash designed to deep cleanse the delicate skin tissue, effectively removes dirt and bacteria. Ideal for teenagers who are particularly prone to breakouts and excessive oil secretion. Use twice daily.
• 1% Tea Tree Oil
• Colour and fragrance free
• Gentle/mild facial wash
• SLES free
• Cleanses delicate facial skin
• Skin friendly pH
• Non drying
• Added moisturisers
• Removes bacteria and make-up
• Rinses off easily
• Avoid eye area
Price: €22.00

Skin Wash 500ml - Pump Action

Used daily as part of your skincare regime, this therapeutic gel hygienically cleanses blocked pores, removes dirt and excess oil and kills spot causing bacteria, whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin.
Non allergenic for sensitive skin. Ideal as an effective general antiseptic skin wash and a gentle Shaving Solution.
Price: €18.00
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